8 Common Sexual Fetishes for Trans Woman

couple looking for thirdMost of us hide fetishes. Fetishism is often described as an obsession and not just a sexual attraction to you. For transgender people, fetishes do more damage than anyone else. Knowledge of fetishes can help transgender women and men quickly identify fetishes. It can also be stopped to some extent from causing harm to transgender women. Here are some typical fetishes:

Body piercing

This fetish is what young people call a top fetish. Interior designer Priya Gill says "body piercing excites me. It can be anywhere from the belly to the tongue and eyebrows. I think everyone should have at least one body piercing in that particular place to create a sense of arousal". Dr. Rajan Bhonsle was careful to say one word "A person should be very careful about the part of the body where he or she is piercing, and that part should avoid any form of infection and be kept clean. And they should disinfect the ornaments worn on the area"

Latex fetish

Men like material things. Model Rahul Mehra said, "My girlfriend's wardrobe is full of clothes in latex. It was a treat for me and made me happy in bed". Watching a woman walk around in a tight, shiny dress is a trick in itself. Dr Shekhar Shah says, "Hygiene factors are important. You have to avoid sweating. Women often wear signature socks. Latex gear also acts as a catalyst. Fetishism is mostly about objects or touchable objects".

Fascination with sex with transgender sex workers

The pleasure of working with transgender sex workers, Sayali Singh, a student admitted publicly "Although I'm in a relationship, last year I first had sex with a transgender man. I was so excited when we tried new sexual positions that I didn't like his company compared to my staid boyfriend". Sexologist Dr. Shekhar Shah highlights this point that, " When having sex with a prostitute, one should know that the other person is free of sexually transmitted diseases or infectious diseases or else he will pay a heavy price for that happy few minutes."

Voyeurism and display

Many couples admit to being attracted to porn or watching other couples perform. Human resources director Raj Kaushal admitted that watching porn made a big difference for me and my partner. She said "porn gives them pleasure". On the other hand, there are many couples who like to let others see them or make their sex process video to watch. Dr. Rajan Bhonsle explains, "this is a very common phenomenon because pornographic films are intended to provide sexual stimulation and inspiration to both partners".

Braids and ponytails

A woman's hair is always attracted to a man. Men enjoy touching women's hair. Raj Kaushal says that, "Any woman who has a fashionable hairstyle or experiments with her hair is attractive to me. I think it's very attractive and sexy". Hair is most often used as a prop during sex. Dr Dev says, "Men like to play with women's hair and become naughty.Even subtle differences in color or texture can get them excited. "

Unusual outfits to enhance sex

Everyone needs to be as creative as Richa Sahoo, a PR executive explains "One day I was dressed like a nurse and my boyfriend got excited. He was full of enthusiasm that day". Dr Rajan explains, "This is common for couples who enjoy role-playing."

Fetish for body parts

Infatuation with body parts is most people's interest in sex. These can be hands, ankles, buttocks or other private parts. Because some transsexuals have both penises and breasts, most fetishes are attracted to transgender. Journalist Ishita Mehra said, "my boyfriend likes me to trim his fingernails on his back and he says it turns him on." The world's largest study of sexual perversion conducted by Columbia University has revealed that people's feet and shoes are by far the most exciting. Dr Rajan opines. "Body parts are like a switch when they perform well. Objects related to feet are the most common fetishes."

Group sex

Some people consciously choose to engage in sex with several others. Richa Singh, a software consultant, said, "When I first heard about group sex I thought it was very kinky and weird. But gradually I began to realize my fantasy, which was a secret desire in my heart". If your sex is good enough to cause you any harm, just ask for help. Dr Dev says, "Whenever group sex is involved, ensure that no partner has an STD infection and maintain proper hygiene. Be sure to make sure your group is in a safe place".