Transgender identity never mean a fetish

couple looking for thirdWhat trans women are to some men when dating in transgender people's world. I've been in the dating with guys before, I want to show you my experience.

I will never settle for anything less than what I deserve, some people don't have that kind of courage, they don't have that confidence, they settle for less. They should have morals and not just let go so easy. As transgender people, how we are such a taboo, and we are such fetishes. Have you gone to Thailand before, when I want to get my trachea shave, it as like paradise for men, it's just so weird. It seems like a normal thing, it's totally norm even guys come in groups, and they pick up transgender people they like. I've date guys before, and I asked them what is it that you like about transgender women? They always reply they look like a girl, sometimes they are more feminine and men like these girls, but they have an extra piece of flesh, so we are a fantasy, we are behind closed doors most of the time. You have some guys who are like that before, and it makes you sad because we are hearing that really shipping like you find the attractive guy and you fall in love with him.

You are so clouded by this love smole, you are so blinded that you can't see, otherwise you think everything to be perfect, and you make things perfect but when you step out of that situation you look in, it is totally a disaster. The guy never showed me to his friends and his parents, he never really took me out in public, it was always behind closed doors. He always made excuses up, and that made me really sad, like what as I? Am I just some fantasy behind closed doors for your sexual desire. I have morals, I have values, and I will not put up with that, I'd like someone I'm very attracted to. It's not like I sleep with them, and I go, It's not what I'm looking for. But there are girls who are looking for that , but for girls like me who just want a normal relationship, it's really difficult for us, because men view us as a sex object, they come to us at night time to sleep with us, in the morning, they go back to their heterosexual relationship with their wives, their spouse.

They are more public and more open-minded, that's I see why we get hurt, why transgender women and men get hurt, because we are on the fetish, the fantasy side, where he can't come out, he is ashamed and embarrassed. I don't to be viewed as a sex object, a fetish, I've had to see that's not who I'm, that's not what I want to be. I'm a woman, I'm independent, I'm confident. I didn't mean to sear, I just have this overwhelming surge of power, and I felt kind of cool for once, so I'm sorry, I think a lot of transgender girls don't really see that, they don't really know that, and your hear things are not always worth to believe.

When I date with guys, I often ask them do they want t child. If this person wants a child, obviously they don't want to be with me, they want to be with a real woman who can give them a child.