Transgender Fetishism and the Culture of Transgender Chasers

couple looking for thirdChasers' aspirations are often rooted in fetishism, and the growing transgender porn industry has kept the culture alive. And transgender porn is the fastest-growing segment of the porn industry. It uses pejorative terms such as shemale, ladyboy and tranny, which are often used in the pursuit of transgender women. According to porn site RedTube, searches for transgender content have increased by 47 percent since 2013. The report also noted that men were 445% more likely than women to search for transgender related content. And data show that states where transgender rights are suppressed, such as Texas and north Carolina, tend to be the top consumers of such content.

Transgender chasers are said to see transgender women as objects of fetish or fantasy. Often they don't see real transgender people. Their only interest is to satisfy their sexual fantasies. Some people look to the Internet community and community centers for hope to fulfill their fantasy. They use social media sites like Facebook and Instagram to find transgender people and send them messages. Chasers are often seen as creepy stalkers. Many transgender women have experienced some form of chase.

The puzzling and ironic part about transgender chasers is that they're often interested in things that transgender people hate. Usually the genitals before surgery. It's one of the biggest issues for the transgender community and transgender chasers. Most of us want others to see what we show instead of what is deeply hidden.

The root of the problem lies in how society views the transgender community. Films and media depicting transgender people, the passage of discriminatory laws and propaganda spread by hate groups with the intention of confusing people have made transgender topics taboo. Most of their education in this regard comes from these content including the adult film industry. The root of fetishism is the belief that it is forbidden and needs to be hidden. For example, many men are afraid to date trans women for fear of being labeled as gay. Transgender people are often portrayed in movies and on TV as a joke to tease a person. This adds to the problem.

Unfortunately, things don't change until transgender people are regulated in society. It's the only way to break taboos. If society doesn't think that dating transgender people is a bad thing then people are more accepting of dating transgender people. Many of the issues we face as a group relate to transgender rights. But now we have to add transgender chasers to the list of issues we have to deal with. Remember that not everyone who wants to date a transgender woman is a chaser. Only those who see trans women as fetishes or sexual objects. Whatever you do, be careful. Dating is hard for everyone, but like everything else we deal with, it's a little hard for transgender people.