Transgender identity never mean a fetish

couple looking for thirdIdentity is often refers to gender, sex orientation and something else, it is an important part of human beings. What is transgender identity? It means someone whoes gender identity is different from the gender they were assigned at birth. According to a recent research, there are about 1.4 million transgender girls and men in the US. Transgender people with a special identity are still fighting for their own rights.

Unlike other people in the world, transgender people are faced with many difficulties, especially when something wonderful becomes the sexual pleasure, it's a deep hurt for transgender people. It's so terrible to meet a chaser or fetish, who just fetishize transgender people's bodies and treat them as fetishes. Transgender fetishes are very dangerous, these kinds of people cannot really accept and respect transgender people, they just want to have fun, or treat transgender people as a playing. In fact, fetishing and chasing are belong to the culture of transphobia, the only reason for them to be with transgender people is sexual fetish. being with transgender people is always seen as a scandal, specially when celebrities are connecting with transgender people.

Transgender activist Janet Mock indicated that fetishizing transgender people's body is a kind of violence, it makes transgender people are difficult to meet their true love, transgender people are also worth to be loved.
Fetish is not a commendatory word for transgender people, and they don't want to meet and date with any fetishes. most importantly, don't treat transgender people as fetishes by the way. They are the same as everyone of us, just look on them as your friends in your life.

Sexual fetishes cover a wide range of meanings, fetishzing from the foot to body, it refers to every parts of the body. As far as I know, few people fetishzing trans men, they said that they are not interested in men's body, it means transgender women are easier to become the target of fetish or chaser. General sexual orientation can be divided into two parts, love and body fetish. Transgender people, no matter women or men, they want to meet their love not a body fetish.
Transphobia can be seen everywhere in the world, so transgender people are often thanksful for all attention, and it gives transgender fetishes more opportunities to meet and date transgender women. As transgender women, you need to be vigilant and aware.

Harassment is the eternal topic for women, and it is hard to avoid, but gender identity and racial heritage is not as simple as harassment and fetishzing. It often refers to the matter of equality and freedom.

Transgender women are often treated as fetishes of men with special need, transgender women are not real women in their minds, and this may be the reason why they treat transgender women as fetishes. I want to mention that, trans gender women are women, they want to be treated as real women, if you cannot really accept them, please respect them, and don't hurt them. Transgender people are human beings, they need a safe world.