Why men like to date trans girsl? Chasing or loving?

couple looking for thirdThere are many different opinions on men who love trans women. Some people say that men who desire trans women are fetishist, they are only interested in trans women's body. The only reason for them to date and be with trans women is they think trans women are not real real women, trans women is only the sex object for them. In fact, I've seen many articles about this opinion in the past few years. I'm not speak for trans women men who love trans women. I just want to share my experience and opinion with you guys here.

I'm a transgender woman, I didn't have any surgery, and I still keep my original genitals. Unlike me, most transgender women want to have the surgery, and transgender women who undergone surgery call the process as GCS, or gender confirmation surgery. I agree with their thoughts, if you want to become a real woman, gender confirmation surgery is needed. But for myself, gender confirmation surgery is not neccessary, and I will never have it. I'm not sure if the gender confirmation surgery is really safe, so I decided to live as a woman while keep the original genitals of men. Transgender women can be divided into two types, one is transgender women who live and act as women, but still keep the original genitals of men, just like me, the other is transgender women who undergone gender confirmation surgery, and they are real women.

I'm a trans woman, Ilike men, and I've date with many guys before. Yes, some men I've date before like my body, my breasts and my leg. I'm not sure if these men are fetish, because I know many men like the body of women, not just transgender women, but also real women. Women's body like breasts, derriere, legs are often sexy and attractive for men. For me, men can be attracted by women's body at first, but if he only want to know about women's body and sleep with women, he is a fetish. I think most women, no matter trans women or real women, want to have a long and serious relationship with men.

Some times when I date with a guy, I feel that I was a fetish for him, because they just call me out at night, I'm not his girl friend or lover, but a fetish. I decided to get away from this kind of men, who treat me as a fetish, because I know that they are very dangerous. But not all men treat me sa a fetish, I've date a man, who treat me as the real woman, he like trans women not for our body, but for love and respect. I've never know that I can also attract man who is gentle and respectful. I cannot deny that some guys who really like trans women are place on the stigma as fetish, but as trans girl, you need to pay more attention to this problem, no one should be hurt in a love relationship.